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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  October 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:29pm EDT

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a d.c. police officer caught on the wrong side of the law. what authorities say he was doing at 2:00 a.m. this morning. a suspicious fire at the old d.c. general hospital. families that are being night. more coming up. mangled mess left behind after a tour bus slammed into a semi on a california highway. more than a dozen people dead. authorities give us an update on the investigation.
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to find somewhere new to spend a night. a fire broke out. derrick ward is live with why investigators say the fire is subs pishs. >> it is suspicious because that sixth floor is unoccupied. we are told it is bare. there's no electricity up there. you can see the brick structure here. the main building. this has been here since the 1920s. it's been a hospital since the late 19th century, but 1920s is when the building wa night. we were told no one susannah injured. the families were displaced and we were told there's water damage on the lower floors. investigators are trying to determine what caused the fire. now, the families that were displaced are in other facilities. some had been brought back here and if you look down there, you can see the orange trucks, there are some of the clean-up crews that are working. to recover from the damage that was there now. this happened in an unoccupied
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imagine what's like because the people here are here for the same reason. they are displaced. now, doubly displace. the city is working on some place for them. the city is in the process of trying to phase out this facility as shelter. they've been doing that for year, but there are still families here. once we find out what the fire was about, how it was caused, bring that news to you, but several families displaced after a late night fire at d.c. general hospital. no one was injured. live in southeast. back to you. >> tough situation there. thank you. a d.c. police officer is is accused of being drunk on the job. arthur thompson had his police powers revoked. he was arrested around 2:00 a.m. after failing sob ryety tests. a supervisor investigated someone's come plapts that
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thompson has been on the force for four years. his arrest under investigation tonight. we are working to learn more about a person on a bike who was killed in bladenburg this morning. prince george's county police say he was on kennelworth avenue when a car hit him near route 50. the driver did stay. no word so far on charges. new details in a tragic crash out west. at least 13 people who got on a tour bus this morning will they died when the front of that bus slammed into the back of a tractor trarl. hospital officials wrapped up a press conference minutes ago. >> first responders began to arrive at the scene on i-10 after 5:00 a.m. local time. they found the front of the passenger bus smashed into a semitruck trailer. >> the speed was so significant that when it hit the back of the
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feet into the bus. so, you can see that it was a substantial impact. >> also found victim, several dead. at least 30 injured were transported to local hospitals. investigators spent hours searching the wreckage for more victims. >> in almost 35 year, i've never been to a crash where there's been 13 fatalities. so it's tough. >> the bus operated by last based usa holid one of the company's owners, who was among the fatalities. they were in route to los angeles. the cost of the crash is under investigation. nbc news. donald trump discussed abortion at a university stop in virginia on saturday. trump said the antiabortion
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mothers who lost children to gun violence joined her on stage. hillary clinton promised to reform the criminal justice system and create jobs. the redskins winning streak comes to an end. george wallace is in the news room with the loss. >> hey, yeah, from high to low, quickly, redskins in detroit with a big opportunity. not onto straight road win to start the season. redskins looking for their first five game streak since 2012. late fourth quarter, skins down three. curt cousins on the play fake. he's off, looking for the epd zone. the michigan native takes it 19 yards to the house with just over a minute to play. redskins can with their first lead of the game, up 17-13. lions come right back.
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18 yards. lions score in just 49 seconds. 20-17 snapping -- coming up, not the only bad news of day. injuries the key starter suffered. >> thank you. in on of firefighters lost their battle with illnesses. d woman: barbara comstock is too right-wing to represent me. woman: or me. woman: barbara comstock
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an electrical problem sparked the fires in d.c. firefighters battled smoke and flames around 3:00 this morning at the faye on park road the restaurant was in the basement, the upper floors of the building are under renovation. firefighters across the area gave back at a special blood drive today in montgomery county. the drive honors the memory of two firefighters. the father and son served the silver spring community for more than nearly 50 years combined. they both became ill and needed countless blood transfusions
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relative, thanks the community for coming out. >> my wife and myself do very much appreciate the community coming out and sportding this blood drive every year. mean as lot to us as we remember our loved ones. >> the drive started more than a decade ago. the chief says he was pleased with the turnout. trooper is injured in a crash on the belt way. woman: barbara comstock is too right-wing. woman: barbara comstock is against marriage equality. man: she even voted to allow federal contractors to discriminate against gay employees. woman: barbara comstock. too right-wing for northern virginia. narrator: women vote! is responsible for the content of this ad. [ roars ]
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woman: barbara comstock is too right-wing to represent me. woman: or me. woman: barbara comstock would overturn roe vs. wade. barbara comstock: i think roe vs. wade should be overturned.
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irginia. narrator: women vote! is responsible for the content of this ad. right now, a man is facing charges for slamming into the car of a maryland state police trooper. the trooper was hurt, but is expected to be okay. the crash on the belt neou darcy spencer has an update on the investigation. >> a maryland state police suv severely damaged in a rear end crash on the topside of the beltway in college park. the troop was monitoring traffic on the shoulder when he was hit by a man drive thg white r car. police investigating whether alcohol was involved.
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it lookeded really bad. i said wemp on our way to church, so i was prayerful that the person in the accident was o okay. >> the tire, the driver's side door, patsds gjere side droor was missing. >> the crash held up traffic on the beltway for hours. initially blocking the entire inner loop. cars sitting in gridlock for miles on the beltway and i-95. it looked more like rush hour than a sunday morning. the crews and the college park bare ibs. charges are pending against the alleged driver. he's 23 and lives in d.c. he was take b ben to the hospital. trooper was traps in his cruiser. he was flown to baltimore. police say he is expected to be okay. the impact so severe, medics from prince george's county had to rescue the officer from his
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that mirld has a mover over law requiring drivers to change laws when an officer is stopped. >> we try to do our part we move over when we see the officer. >> darcy spencer, news 4. and you're looking live now at national harbor. it is a gorgeous day today and a great day for a new service. a new transit line now links national harbor with old town alexander. the regional bus service and h 2 debuted today buses stop every it also connects with metro lines. the bus runs from 6:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. seven days a week. a standing ovation today for kathy hughes, a long time media mogul here in our area. she starteded several enterprises including radio one and tv one. today, howard university
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commitment, excellence in the media industry the school will be known as the kathy hughes school of communication. and now, your storm team four forecast. >> i hope you enjoyed your fall like weekend. our official high today in washington, 69 degrees and if you liked today, you'll really like tomorrow. we're only a few degrees cooler. once again, we have plenty of sunshine and a bit of a breeze. now, i'm tracking another temperature drop. of course, we went like warmth last workweek to a nice fall weekend, but it's going to feel more like mid november. tuesday through friday, so favorite warm jacket and keep it handy for the majority of the upcoming workweek. lit rain chancing this week. i'll point them out on our ten-day forecast and looking ahead to next monday, it's halloween and during the evening as the kids head out, right now,s it's looking chilly, so
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that's what it's looking like right now. currently, our temperatures are coming in in the 60s. 66 in washington. 66 in frederick. we're mainly clear and it's chilly overnight tonight. perfect night for sunday night football and then you can catch the latest forecast when the game's over and we're going to tart off tomorrow morning around 50 degrees here in washington. mid to upper 40s in the suburbs. you'll want a ch gloves, the and skrar vs. it's a mostly sunny day and breezy. you want to keep that in mind. maybe mabs it feel a few degrees cooler. tomorrow night, 7 p.m., around 60 degrees. the weather has a low impack on your monday. the commute to and from work, i think the biggest concern is the sun blaring, so have the sunglasses in the car.
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car tomorrow mork. outdoor exercise, probably a t-shirt or long sleeves, especially if you're heading out in the morning. taking the kids to the flay ground after school, it's going to be a bit breezy. really nice and refreshing. run around and gelt some energy out and then walking the dog in the evening once you get home from work, you want a warm jacket. but it's dry tomorrow from start to finish. now, i want to show you tuesday morning because it's so breezy tuesday morning, the entire day op tuesday is looking breezy. so, the wind's going to make it like at the bus stop or as you head into work. around 7 a.m., it feems like we're in the 30s. in the suburbs, 34 in frederick. 37 in ma nasses and 40 in washington. and overall, a chilly day. it's feeling like mid november. look here at your ten-day forecast. 58 for a high on tuesday. then a few degrees for wednesday with a high of 56.
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cooler outside of the beltway. so, we'll range about 30s to low 40s. going to be watching for frost. so, if you have plant that is you're worried about, might want to bring them in. that's going to be wednesday mornin next chance of rain, really not impressed with it. it's going to be laettner the day on thursday. notice though we're only in the upper 50s thursday and friday. >> noticeable changes. in the weather.
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the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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efb's talking about the redskins. so close. >> went from high to low that quickly. that's how quickly it can be taken away. a four-game winning streak for the redskins after an 0-2 start. believe ng this team again. going for five in a row for the first time. 2012. the one thing they didn't want to do is head to detroit and take a step backwards. they did that and may have lost more than just a game. trent williams injured on the second to last play of the game.
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to detroit, lions fans dressing up early for halloween. scary day for sure for the redskins in detroit today. first quarter, redskins with the first and goal matt jones right up the middle. trying for more yards. losing the football and just sitting there. lions pounceded on it in the end zone and three fumbles on the day for the redskins. the lions will get a field goal out of that. getting to the third. tied up at play action pass going deep for marvin jones. makes the catch on josh norman, who commits pass interference on the play. left the quam with a concussion. big loss for the red skin's defense. fourth quarter, offense. finally getting into gear. second and goal. curt cousins. short pass to kelly. first nfl touchdown of kelly's career. redskins down just three.
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cousins, beautiful play fake on the read option. fools everybody. the native takes it 19 yards to the house. redskins take a 17-13 lead late, but matthew stafford not done. driving detroit down the field, you should a minute to play. connects with bolden for an 18-yard score. 75 yards 49 seconds for the lions and beat the redskins 20-17. with more, here's david.
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we just came up a little short. >> we can't expect to keep doing that and still win games. we got to figure out that first off. without turning the ball over. recovered. found a way to drive it into the end zone. fumbled again. two times. definitely can't do that to win games. >> it suck, man. game and they also lose a few players. josh norman left this game after suffering a concussion. also left tackle trent williams, he'll have an mri on his knee tomorrow. >> thanks, jason. the redskins taing on the bengals next week in london. today, sinsy hosting the browned. watch this. first half. andy dalton.
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aj green pulls the football in for a touchdown with everything and browns kind of standing around watching him. gives it to himself, then hauls it in. incredible play. 48-yard touchdown. bengals go down owin it 31-17. across the pond, giants and rams. home of english rugby. pick this game up second quarter. rams qb picked off by landon collins. breaks the tackle. comes back this way. another tackle and now hooerks got blockers. look out. taken this one all the way back and caps off a great run with the second effort into the end zone. that ties the game up at ten. the giants pick off 18-4 times today. they go on to beat the rams 17-10. to the pit. d.c. united wrapping up the
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city. skip ahead. 78th minute. united down 3-1. julian with the ball. nice move there. kennedy, pretty set up for this goal from -- the first goal with united. d.c. not going away within one. later on. 89th minute. orlando trying to put this one away. centering pass to hul joe. he moves it into net and orlando city fc beat d.c. united mls will announce the playoff time and opponents later on tonight. very tough day. >> he took it hard, didn't he? >> he leaves everything on the field. >> got that touchdown in the fourth quarter and you're like, okay, they have to want this enough. >> did it again. >> thanks. >> next week, on to london. >> very exciting. >> can't wait to watch that. zwl going to be good tv.
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another dip in the temperatures, so, tomorrow, another really nice day and then tuesday through friday, we're only in the 50s. that's not normal for this time of year. that's normal for mid november. maybe rain later on thursday. next weekend, the last weekend in october. right an hour, the chance f o shous on saturday. of course, that can change. keep it here for updates. >> yeah. that's it for news for now. nightly news up next and we'll see you tonight after sunday night football.
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. . . . . . . . on this sunday night, a deadly bus crash, the horrific collision with a track for trailer on the highway of southern california, killing more than a dozen passenger and injuring many more. late surge, hillary clinton's widen lead the candidates making their closing arguments. now, just 16 days before the election. dangerous encounters when shopping through online classified leads to face to face help, more and more sign of cook ups for folks going through


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